The Fluff Verses the Stuff

Fluff Verses the Stuff—while, shopping yesterday…I got into a conversation with Shawn, the store manager.  Shawn & I have had some talks about the Bible before regarding what is going on in the world & how it’s connected to prophesy. I asked him if his pastor has brought up the “tough social issues” that have recently been in the news & he said…“no because the pastor that he is receiving teaching from believes he should stay away from these issues & teach about how to improve ourselves & grace.” This seems like motivational speaking to me…instead of getting deep into what God says about things. Shawn does not have a local church as of yet…& has been receiving teaching from this well-known pastor that is seen on TV around the world. If I mentioned the pastor’s name…there is a good chance that you would know who he is. Now, while it’s good that he is receiving some teaching as a new Christian…we need to be very careful who we are receiving teaching from no matter how long we have been walking with Jesus. Yes, this pastor has been used so many say “yes” to Jesus & that is awesome, but both new & well-seasoned Christians are getting “hooked” into the “fluff” & not the true “stuff”. This is deception from the devil…telling it like it is…the devil likes to disguise himself as a chameleon or a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So, I want to encourage you that if your pastor is teaching “fluff” & not getting into the “stuff” God teaches in the Word… it is very dangerous. Getting into a church that does not mess with the Word & teaches the “stuff” is the safest place to be, so you grow the most you can in God’s absolute truth. Growing in a healthy way, so what you tell others about Jesus is on target & not taking a chance on spreading the “fluff” to others. I did tell Shawn that I cared for him & to please be careful with the pastor he is receiving teaching from. He seemed to receive what I said well & I hope it planted a seed, so he grows strong in the Lord. I will be guiding him to a couple healthy churches in our area.



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