VictoryEmbraced Amazon Reviews

It is a blessing to me that VictoryEmbraced is getting good reviews from readers. Enjoy what people have written on Amazon. I have learned that if God calls us to do something for Him…Review for VictoryEmbracedit is important to Him that we do all we can to fulfill our purpose. God’s purpose for our lives is to bless others in hopes they will live for Him too.


Although, I don’t usually choose books with Christian or religious themes, I found this book to be a wonderful read. Once I began the book I kept wanting to read one more testimony after another until I came to the end and realized I’d read the whole thing in one sitting. The writing has broad appeal and, I think offers something for everybody. I know many people could use the messages contained in the book. If you know someone who is going through a rough time it would make a great gift. This book belongs on everyone’s shelf. It’s impossible not to like!  ~Diane Boyajian

Inspirational and fun read! This book is hard to put down! Excellently written! ~Brian Keane

The different testimonies were so uplifting. Great faith builder!  ~Larry Shipe

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