Special Quotes #2

VictoryEmbraced: A Ministry of Prayer and Healing…Powerful Testimonies…Changed Lives and Renewed Hope by Dawn Marie Woroniak

Special Quotes #2:

“If you’re unhappy, don’t give up on the marriage. Start to work on the marriage; ask for help and get counseling. A lot of women are afraid to talk with their husband, so what I would say to women is to really work through that fear and ask God for the courage to talk with your husbands. Men need to give women a safe place to talk. When women feel safe, they feel like they can share their hearts. (So it’s really asking for help…not getting out.) Our culture tells us to get out of our marriages, but God hates divorce and He wants us to work hard at our marriages. There’s no ‘out’ clause and there’s not an option for getting out. If there’s adultery or abuse you have to set up some boundaries, but the ultimate goal is to reconcile the marriage, not to get out of it.”

~Cheryl Scruggs
Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs are the Founders of Hope Matters Marriage Ministries, Authors of
“I Do Again”, Speakers and Biblical Counselors

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