VictoryEmbraced: A Ministry of Prayer and Healing...Powerful Testimonies...Changed Lives and Renewed Hope

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The testimonies in VictoryEmbraced are from people with a variety of professions as well as those well-known and respected in ministry. It is my prayer, and the prayer of those who have shared their stories, that you will be blessed and forever changed! Get ready to embrace a life of Victory!

VictoryEmbraced is foreworded by Randall Worley of Randall Worley Ministries and endorsed by Lisa Buldo of Lisa Buldo International.


About Dawn Marie Woroniak

It’s my heart’s desire that the stories told in this book will give hope where hope was lost and bring those who do not know Christ to a place where they can know His power. If a ministry mentioned in VictoryEmbraced can help you or someone you know—I encourage you to contact them.



Abortion is a decision that has such a detrimental effect on so many, across generations. In August of 1977, my biological mother entered St. Luke’s Hospital in Sioux City, Iowa to undergo a saline infusion abortion. Little did she know that this one decision, and this one moment in time—would have a far-reaching effect on so many peoples’ lives.

A saline infusion abortion involves the injection of a toxic salt solution into the amniotic fluid surrounding the pre-born child in the womb. The intent of the salt solution is to scald the child to death from the outside in. If you ever look up ‘saline infusion for abortion’ or read about children like me who are aborted by saline infusion, you will find that we are called the “red-skinned” or “candy-apple” babies because it turns the child’s skin red as it burns it, peels it, and moves internally into the body to burn up the organs.


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